Yair Lapid: Don’t bother protesting, we can’t hear you

I knew of course, that there were people protesting that we shouldn’t export our natural gas (I don’t want to hurt their democratic enthusiasm, but they should know that there isn’t any megaphone that can be heard in a cabinet meeting)

This is a translated excerpt from a Facebook status post by Israel’s Secretary of Finance, Yair Lapid.

What is he saying exactly? That it’s not worth protesting when a politician fails to be true to his promises? That we, as citizens, shouldn’t bother voice our discontent when the government sells the country’s limited natural resources for cheap, without proper discussion in parliament?


How I Watched the F1 Race Today

To watch the opening race of the 2012 F1 season, I had to set up a VPN connection to a server in Italy (for Rai’s live TV feed), and a virtual machine running another VPN connection to the UK (for BBC Radio’s audio commentary). The VPN service only costs $10 a month, but I’ll pay 4 times that to get a proper legal direct feed, if anyone will sell it to me.

Mac App Store Update Error

To update this application, sign in to the account you used to purchase it.

If you’re signed in and still get this error message when trying to update an app in the Mac App Store, you can workaround it by removing the application completely, and doing a fresh install.