Music: Boy/Girl Duos

Not sure why, but I must have a musical affinity to boy/girl duos.

A few years ago I was a White Stripes fan, and I still regularly listen to their first two albums, “The White Stripes” and “De Stijl”.

More recently, I’ve been really enjoying Hank & Cupcakes, an amazing energetic Israeli Bass/Drums duo operating from New York.

You can get their first EP from Amazon or iTunes

Another great duo is Blood Red Shoes, who I discovered by listening to the excellent Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack.

Laptop and Multiple Displays: Window Management on OS X

This is a followup to a previous post about window management tools for OS X.

I’ve recently started using a 2nd external monitor connected to my laptop (using Plugable’s DisplayLink Adapter). Since I was switching from laptop only to laptop + 2 external displays at least once a day, I needed to figure out a way to save/restore applications and windows positions.
I was really happy to discover Stay, a pretty good app that does just that (30 day trial, $15 for the full version).

WordCamp Jerusalem

I’m really excited to be giving a talk at WordCamp Jerusalem in a couple of weeks – the third Israeli WordCamp and the first in Jerusalem.

My talk will be an in-depth overview of WordPress i18n and RTL – a topic I already addressed in a quick 7 minutes presentation at WordCamp SF 2010. I’ll be speaking in Hebrew this time, but the slides will be in English and I’ll share them here afterwards.

There are 3 tracks planned – beginner developers, advanced developers and publishers – see Jennifer’s post for an overview of the planned Publisher’s track and visit WordCamp Jerusalem for more information.

Broken MicroSD card

I’ve put my phone’s 8GB MicroSD card in an adapter the wrong way, and this is what happened when I tried to pull it out:
Broken MicroSD card

Then I remembered how my father was excited they got a 40MB hard drive in the computer training center where he worked, 20 years ago. It was huge!

Two hundred times that in a plastic card smaller than my thumb nail? I admire who ever had the imagination to dream that.

Great window management tools for OS X

It took me some time to find these great apps, so I figured a mention might help others:

  • Shift It enables easy moving and resizing of windows using the keyboard (expands  the concept of Aero Snap)
    Shiftit app for mac screenshot
  • Afloat will let you keep windows on top, adjust window transparency and much more.
    Afloat app for mac screenshot

In case you’re wondering, they’re both free and open source.

Continued: Laptop and Multiple Displays: Window Management on OS X

Update 2014-02-03: The link to ShifIt has been updated and now points to the new repository on Github.

What to do when the MacBook battery drains in Sleep

A couple of weeks ago my MacBook battery started to drain heavily when the computer was in sleep (standby) mode. This was really troubling – and while I was still getting a decent enough run on a full charge, a “Service Battery” notice also appeared on the power menu.

Service Battert notfication for the macbook pro

The fix? A reset of the System Management Controller:

In some cases, resetting the SMC may be the only correct method to resolve the issue, however, an SMC reset should only be attempted after all other standard troubleshooting has been performed.

From Apple support site,  Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)

That didn’t remove the notice from the power menu, but the battery draining issue is gone.


And so many questions.

It’s been a week since the “Flotilla” events.
I can’t remember when news, any news, perturbed me so much.
Not because of what happened, but because of why, and how.

How did it get to be this way?

Why do I believe one side or the other?
Is there a truth?

With so much hate and violence, can it ever end?
And how can you not lose hope?

I don’t know.

When I talk about this conflict, I often say I feel or I believe.
But I don’t like to talk about it because I don’t know.

I started reading about history this week, frantically. Maybe this will help.

If anybody has answers, please, share.

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