Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S

I’ve been running Alpha 11 of CyanogenMod 9 (Android 4.0/ICS) on my Nexus S for the past few days and all I can say is wow. ICS feels like a whole new era for Android, and this build is rock solid.

While you’re at it, get the awesome new 2.0 beta of WordPress for Android.

The Future

So we bought this fairly difficult to assemble product the other day, and on the package was a big QR Code. I scanned the code with my phone, and Android detected a link to a YouTube video and offered a few choices for playing it. One of those was “Play on XBMC”, thanks to the XBMC remote app (XBMC is the software that runs on our living room HTPC).

Instantly, assembly instructions a crappy promotional video started playing on the TV. This is the future? (A proper how to video would have made this story so much better!)

TIL whale oil was used in car transmissions up until the 1970’s

The reason why so many whales were killed in the 20th century was the distant ramifications of replacement of whale oil by petroleum. It took another 100 years to find solutions to these ramifications, and only then it became possible to save the whales. Ecological activism did not play significant role in all of these developments; neither did the numerous well-meaning international treaties, moratoriums, and other chest beating displays.

From: Mobile Dick

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