Yair Lapid: Don’t bother protesting, we can’t hear you

I knew of course, that there were people protesting that we shouldn’t export our natural gas (I don’t want to hurt their democratic enthusiasm, but they should know that there isn’t any megaphone that can be heard in a cabinet meeting)

This is a translated excerpt from a Facebook status post by Israel’s Secretary of Finance, Yair Lapid.

What is he saying exactly? That it’s not worth protesting when a politician fails to be true to his promises? That we, as citizens, shouldn’t bother voice our discontent when the government sells the country’s limited natural resources for cheap, without proper discussion in parliament?


Same Ikea product, 30 years apart

While going through my Mom’s old toolbox a few weeks ago, I found this:

Ikea Patrul, from around 1980

Probably from around 1980, it’s the Patrull drawer safety catch from Ikea. The funny thing is that just a couple days before that, I bought this:

ikea patrull 2013

Same product, 30 years later!

It’s so interesting to see the two products side by side: the differences in style, packaging, and in the product itself are really telling. For example, notice how the old packaging has a textual description in a few languages, which I guess made sense since Ikea was only active in Europe in the early 80’s. Imagine if the current packaging had a description for every country Ikea operates in now!

The plastic itself has evolved quite a bit too – it’s much thinner now. The current pack contains 5 units, while the old one only has 3 – and in a much smaller package.

Makes me wonder how that product would look 30 years from now.

And on that farm he had a hippopotamus!

I’m not sure what to think of this. Jonathan’s tractor toy has a hippo instead of a pig:


Here’s the original:
kidoozie fun time tractor

When you press the hippo, it still sounds like a pig though.

I guess we got the middle eastern version, pigs being considered impure and all.
I wonder if it’s also the version sold in large Seventh-Day Adventist communities.

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