Spring time in the vegetable garden

A few months ago I started a vegetable garden in our back yard. It took quite a bit of work, but it was a lot of fun and it’s incredibly satisfying to see the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor grow.

I originally planted some lettuces, broccoli, cress, carrots, rocket, and parsley, and later added some zucchini and green peas. Most of these have grown pretty nicely:

I’ve now started working on some new garden beds, where I’ll plant summer veggies like tomatoes and peppers.

Great apps for Symbian s60v3 smartphones

Keeping track of all the apps I’ve got installed on my phone is not an easy task. Here’s a quick list of the most important ones:

  • amAze GPS – Worldwide GPS Turn By Turn  navigation
  • Fring – IM and VOIP with skype/gtalk etc…
  • Gmail – Useful when I need to make a search for an old email message.
  • Gravity – The best symbian twitter client.
  • Mecanto – Streams all your music collection.
  • Mobbler – Couldn’t live without it. Scrobble and streams music to and from last.fm. Good review @ symbian-guru.
  • Nokia Location Tagger – Tags the camera phone pictures with location data.
  • Nokia Messaging – Push mail from my Gmail account.
  • Nokia Sports Tracker – Great combination of mobile app and web service. Uses the GPS to track speed, distance and course while running/walking etc.
  • Opera Mini – While the phone native web browser is quite good, Opera Mini is useful for a quick Wikipedia search from time to time
  • Qik – A great video stream that’s really easy to install and run.
  • Skyfire – Another web browser, but the only that can display flash/silverlight/whatever on a symbian phone. Hopefully will get faster and more stable with future releases.
  • Telmap Nav – Another TBT navigation app. I’m currently beta testing the new version. Really cool stuff.
  • WirelessIRC – A prefect IRC client.
  • Wordmobi – Awesome WordPress blog editor.

(Updated: August 2009.)