Backing up iPhoto images to an external destination using Carbon Copy Cloner

When I started using iPhoto, I didn’t realize my images are all enclosed inside a single package file. This is annoying because I’m used to having all my photos on a network share for easy access from PCs and other devices. It turns out directly accessing images from iPhoto in the finder isn’t too difficult […]

How France’s Free will reinvent mobile

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Updated: Xavier Niel, the maverick founder of Iliad, the company behind broadband service, is about to redefine the mobile landscape, perhaps as early as tomorrow, when he launches the much-talked about Free Mobile. In doing so, he will redefine what the idea of a carrier in the 21st century is,…

We Come to Expel the Darkness

We come to expel the darkness In our hands is light and fire Each one of us is a small light Together we’re mighty bright Away you darkness, Away the black Run away from the light This is the first verse of the israeli folk Hannuka song “באנו חושך לגרש”. It’s also the name of […]

Soluto’s Anti-Frustration Software is Brilliant

Soluto recently launched a private beta of their new web based PC “anti-frustration” software, and it’s brilliant. The dashboard is simply gorgeous and filled with useful information and action items – here are a few screenshots: After using it today to optimize my Mom’s laptop, I’m going to get the PC version installed in all […]

Enough with the non-existing digital frontiers: Louis CK experiment a tremendous success

“I have a profit around $200,000 (after taxes $75.58)” Louis CK is selling a professionally produced show for $5 with no DRM or regional restrictions. Success. I steal content when I’m not allowed to buy it legally. If I can, I make the effort to connect through a proxy to buy some music, or […]

How Do People Use Apple TV?

John Gruber: Only 30 percent? That seems crazy to me. 70 percent of Apple TV owners don’t rent any movies or TV shows? From How Do People Use Apple TV?. Well, in most countries movies and TV shows aren’t even available in iTunes. We (I) just use the AppleTV to run XBMC, my 2nd favorite open […]