Personal Weather Station

I had fun installing a personal weather station on our roof. I’ve set it up to share data automatically to a number of online services. See the station’s live data on Weather Underground.

6 responses to “Personal Weather Station”

  1. Aha! you just made your secret lair’s location known!

    Care to share a few more details? is it one of the $500 kits and a Raspberry Pi?? what is needed to keep it clean and accurate? Any recommendations for beginners?

    1. It’s this station from Aliexpress. Seems like it’s the same as Ambient’s Weather 2092. Tip: if shipping to Israel, make sure you contact them and ask for epacket shipping.

      1. A few months in: Both wind sensors (speed/direction) have flown to Kansas. It’s very likely it will happen again if I replace them, so I haven’t tried that yet.

  2. That’s very cool!

  3. It looks similar to my weather station. I have the Ambient Weather version.

  4. Very nicely done. I’ve just installed my Netatmo station but was nowhere as daring as you:

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