Tip: typing a long Google password into a new Android device

I use a password manager and create very long passwords where possible, including for my Google account. The problem? when setting up a new Android phone, I can’t download the password manager app until I’ve logged into my Google account, which is nearly impossible without the password manager app.

The workaround? Enable USB debugging on the phone, and use ADB to enter the password:

[code lang=”bash”]

./adb shell input text "LONG COMPLICATED PASSWORD"


Is it safe enough? Probably not. Use at your own risk 🙂

3 responses to “Tip: typing a long Google password into a new Android device”

  1. Have the same problem with my iOS based devices.

  2. probably safer than copying and pasting the password via the android’s clipboard.

  3. If you use symbols in your password, you might get an error. The solution is to put a \ right before the character preceding the string in the error message. E.g. if the password is “jagh3hx;afypola” and you get an error message with the string “afypola” change the password text to “jagh3hx\;afypola”

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