From Runkeeper to Runtastic

I started running a few months ago, with Runkeeper as my running app. The UI made sense, the audio cues were useful, and I liked the fact that friends were using it too and sharing their efforts.

Yet, too often my runs appeared like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.24.13.png
I can run on water

I’m inclined to blame the phone’s GPS, but I expect the app to be smart and average my position to figure out I didn’t make impossible jumps across the lake. This was especially confusing during runs when I was doing intervals.

After I’ve tested a bunch of the other available apps (Map My Run, Endomondo, Nike+ Running, Strava, and more), I’ve chosen Runtastic Pro, and I’m really happy with it. Not only has the GPS data been flawless, it also supports HR zones alerts which Runkeeper lacks.

While slightly more complex, Runtastic feels much more powerful too – it’s super configurable, and has a bunch of fun and interesting features.

The only downside for me is the lack of community, since all my friends are on Runkeeper. Luckily, there’s SyncMyTracks (and a limited free version) which can automatically sync activities between the different platforms.



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  1. Been using runkeeper for about 6 years now. I’ve only seen this problem when I didn’t have cell phone service (and rarely then). I think they try and correct for GPS errors using cell tower locations.

    1. On iOS I’m guessing? Maybe it’s an android thing. I should have mentioned I’ve tried all troubleshooting suggestions from Runkeeper’s site, to no avail.

      1. Ya, on iOS. So maybe that is it. Been happy enough with them that I have a paid account, but your problems sound disappointing and frustrating.

  2. I have similar issues with RunKeeper when going through long funnels or areas where the GPS is spotty. It tries to autocorrect but does a not very good job of it.

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