How I Watched the F1 Race Today

To watch the opening race of the 2012 F1 season, I had to set up a VPN connection to a server in Italy (for Rai’s live TV feed), and a virtual machine running another VPN connection to the UK (for BBC Radio’s audio commentary). The VPN service only costs $10 a month, but I’ll pay 4 times that to get a proper legal direct feed, if anyone will sell it to me.

One response to “How I Watched the F1 Race Today”

  1. And until media companies get that simple fact into their collective thick heads, piracy will continue.

    The fact is that there are people out there with the technical skill to pirate digital content and until it is more convenient to get the content from the proper source than it is to pirate the problem will not go away.

    Nor should it. Media companies should pull their heads out of their collective arses and get with the program.

    The world has changed. Adapt or die.

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