Backing up iPhoto images to an external destination using Carbon Copy Cloner

When I started using iPhoto, I didn’t realize my images are all enclosed inside a single package file. This is annoying because I’m used to having all my photos on a network share for easy access from PCs and other devices.

It turns out directly accessing images from iPhoto in the finder isn’t too difficult – you just need to “Show Package Contents” on the iPhoto library file, and navigate to the “Master” folder. However regularly backing up those images is a little more tricky.

If you’ve ever wanted to back up just the images from inside your iPhoto library to an external drive, a network share etc, then this is how you do it with the excellent Carbon Copy Cloner:

  1. In CCC’s main window, select “Choose a folder” from the source drop down. A folder navigation window will open.
  2. Ignore it for now and open a general finder window – navigate to your iPhoto library file location (usually under Pictures in your user account folder), and right-click on the iPhoto Library file and select on “Show Package Contents” from the pop-up menu.
    Show Package Contents

  3. Now drag the “Masters” folder directly into CCC’s folder navigation window. That’s it – just select your destination and click on clone.
    Drag the masters folder into CCC

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