We Come to Expel the Darkness

We come to expel the darkness
In our hands is light and fire
Each one of us is a small light
Together we’re mighty bright

Away you darkness, Away the black
Run away from the light

This is the first verse of the israeli folk Hannuka song “באנו חושך לגרש”.

It’s also the name of the project my brother Kobi and singer songwriter Tamar Eisenman launched to try to raise a voice against obscurantism and women discrimination which recently surfaced in Israel, as women women were asked to move the back of a bus in Jerusalem, or forbidden to sing in official events in the army as to not upset religious soldiers.

Tamar and Kobi asked women to film themselves singing that first verse, and they’re collecting all those videos in a YouTube account.

Here are a few performances that I really liked:

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