Great window management tools for OS X

It took me some time to find these great apps, so I figured a mention might help others:

  • Shift It enables easy moving and resizing of windows using the keyboard (expands  the concept of Aero Snap)
    Shiftit app for mac screenshot
  • Afloat will let you keep windows on top, adjust window transparency and much more.
    Afloat app for mac screenshot

In case you’re wondering, they’re both free and open source.

Continued: Laptop and Multiple Displays: Window Management on OS X

Update 2014-02-03: The link to ShifIt has been updated and now points to the new repository on Github.

2 responses to “Great window management tools for OS X”

  1. Wow, that's great. The Maximize actually makes your window take up the whole screen, unlike the stupid green button/+. Thanks!
    Another tiny utility I really like is Caffeine – you click on it and it stops your computer from going to sleep. It's only free though.

    The only thing better than free beer, is free speech!

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