And so many questions.

It’s been a week since the “Flotilla” events.
I can’t remember when news, any news, perturbed me so much.
Not because of what happened, but because of why, and how.

How did it get to be this way?

Why do I believe one side or the other?
Is there a truth?

With so much hate and violence, can it ever end?
And how can you not lose hope?

I don’t know.

When I talk about this conflict, I often say I feel or I believe.
But I don’t like to talk about it because I don’t know.

I started reading about history this week, frantically. Maybe this will help.

If anybody has answers, please, share.

3 responses to “Unrest”

  1. That's quite close to my thought. As another middle eastern, I saw that there were so many lies from both sides (well personally I think that one side was worse), and how the media and the world seemed to take one side and believe it blindly.

    This made me thought of history. If the *present* can have two official *contradicting* versions (both are not quite the truth), why should we believe the history books at all? Is it just impossible to know what really happened?

    Maybe best thing is to be skeptic and believe no one? Frustrating.

    1. why should we believe the history books at all?

      While current events can be interpreted in many ways, I want to believe history has its way and distance level things up a bit. But I also try to read a few books on every issue – preferably from different point of views.
      Then I'm left with the personal judgment. While I don't know (in general), I know what I don't know – and that helps.

  2. Well I wrote a poem on the Middle East once- hope you like it. We have some similar problems with Terrorists here in India

    we have a common remedy, we blame the british who left a mess in 1947 when their empire collapsed

    Most conflicts in world Taiwan- China, India-Pakistan, Israel-Arabs, are from those two years

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