Remote surveillance with Skype and Fring

Fring just announced their client now support Skype video calls on symbian mobile phones.

If you have an always-on computer at home (and a webcam), you can set up a Skype client on an auto-answer and auto-video mode.
To check out what’s going at home, just initiate a Skype video call.  Pretty neat!

3 responses to “Remote surveillance with Skype and Fring”

  1. Nice! I must install that again. The webcam on my Linux box doesn't isn't supported by the OS so this could be handy!

  2. Would be handy to do the opposite too… i.e. set the mobile handset to "auto-answer-with-video" if calls are initiated over Skype via somewhere else in the world.

    1. Totally. I want this feature.

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