Great apps for Symbian s60v3 smartphones

Keeping track of all the apps I’ve got installed on my phone is not an easy task. Here’s a quick list of the most important ones:

  • amAze GPS – Worldwide GPS Turn By Turn  navigation
  • Fring – IM and VOIP with skype/gtalk etc…
  • Gmail – Useful when I need to make a search for an old email message.
  • Gravity – The best symbian twitter client.
  • Mecanto – Streams all your music collection.
  • Mobbler – Couldn’t live without it. Scrobble and streams music to and from Good review @ symbian-guru.
  • Nokia Location Tagger – Tags the camera phone pictures with location data.
  • Nokia Messaging – Push mail from my Gmail account.
  • Nokia Sports Tracker – Great combination of mobile app and web service. Uses the GPS to track speed, distance and course while running/walking etc.
  • Opera Mini – While the phone native web browser is quite good, Opera Mini is useful for a quick Wikipedia search from time to time
  • Qik – A great video stream that’s really easy to install and run.
  • Skyfire – Another web browser, but the only that can display flash/silverlight/whatever on a symbian phone. Hopefully will get faster and more stable with future releases.
  • Telmap Nav – Another TBT navigation app. I’m currently beta testing the new version. Really cool stuff.
  • WirelessIRC – A prefect IRC client.
  • Wordmobi – Awesome WordPress blog editor.

(Updated: August 2009.)

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