Business Books for the Poor

CC License. Photo credit: Marcus Q

Read, Read, Read. That’s probably the best piece of advice I ever got. Recently it’s all about business books and unfortunately, these are quite expensive around here.

So, how did my business bookshelf grew from a handful to more than 30 books in less than a year? One word – BookMooch.

It’s an amazing  book swapping site where you list books you want to give, get points for mailing them to others and use those points to get books you want. I’ve mailed and received books from almost 20 countries around the world, Including Tahiti.

As a rough estimate, books from BookMooch actually cost me (for the postage on books I send) around 5-5.5$ per book. In comparison, a new paperback will go for 21-25$ here in Israel.

I also listen to audio books while commuting or exercising, and while I agree with the criticism of DRM practices,  from time to time I also take advantage of various audible promotions to buy some audio books for really low prices.

Now, if only I could find some time to actually read all those books!

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  1. Does your “business” bookshelf have anything besides texas hold’em? 😉 I have quite a few of those same books.

    1. Ha, and I don’t even play poker 🙂

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